I met Brad Quinlin several years ago through a newspaper article in the Atlanta Constitutional.  He had uncovered the documents to correct a mistake made over a hundred years ago when an Ohio soldier was misidentified during the reburial process after the Civil War.  It is amazing the work he does on identifying the men buried at Marietta National Cemetery.
    Brad's dedication to Marietta National Cemetery and the men buried there goes beyond the call of duty.  He is both a Civil War Historian and a Civil War Genealogist.
    For the last two years, he has been a member of The Ask The Experts panel for the quarterly publication, Ohio Civil War Genealogy Journal published by The Ohio Genealogy Society.  The ATE Panel is made up of people devoted to uncovering the stories of the men and women who lived and served during this period of American History.
    As Managing Editor of OCWGJ and the descendant of Thompson John White Devor, 18th US Regular Army buried at Marietta National Cemetery, I'm so glad that I met Brad and highly recommend his work to anyone who wants help in locating their ancestor's Civil War history.

Susan Dunlap Lee,
OCWGJ Managing Editor

     I have known Brad Quinlin since 1986.  I know him to be a very honest hard-working person.  He is also a delight to work with.  He found information for me on ancestors I did not even know I had existed.  I also know that through his perseverance and resourcefulness he was able to identify several previously unknown Civil War soldiers at the Marietta, Georgia National Cemetery.  He was also able to identify an "unknown" at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park.  I do not think anyone would have ever dreamed that would have been possible, but Mr. Quinlin did it!  His knowledge and expertise as a historian/researcher is unsurpassed. 

Retha W. Stephens
     "How do you mourn someone who died 100 years before you were born?  Learning of the circumstances of George's death had a surprising effect on me.  To go from the sadness of knowing he had been in Andersonville to the relief in finding he died in the relative comfort of a field hospital was an emotional journey.
    Thank you for restoring George to us.  The older members of the family are leaving us and us younger ones don't know of him and his story.  I can't express the gratitude for the time Brad took to help me!"

Terri Buchardt
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