A Walk in Their Shoes

    Understanding a Civil War soldier with Civil War period dressed historians representing the Union and Confederate soldiers.  Brad Quinlin and John Tolbart have been students of the American Civil War time period for a combined total of 60 years.  Both men have been speakers at some of the most prominent Civil War Symposiums and conferences in the nation. 
    They are going to bring to your classroom an interest and passion of the American Civil War to immerse your students in the most exciting experience possible in a classroom.  Your students will learn from letters and diaries of the actual soldiers who lived the war experience, as they explain about their lives.  With the use of their reproduction clothing, equipment, and camp life accessories, your students will leave the program with a total appreciation and understanding of the war.
    Contact Brad Quinlin at bradquinlin@tolearnyourhistory.com to schedule "A Walk in Their Shoes" today!

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